ERIC the Ark is a musical comedy based on the story of Noah and the flood. The story follows the well-known tale of Noah whereby Noah follows God’s instruction to build an Ark to save mankind and 2 species of every animal, but invites some modern, comic twists. The story starts when Noah is told of the oncoming flood and his plea for help is answered by a dodgy looking supernatural builder called ERIC (standing for The Executive with Responsibility for Intricate Constructions). Noah hires ERIC to build the Ark for him but they encounter several amusing building troubles along the way! One such is alluded to in the title ‘ERIC the Ark’ where the Ark is mistakenly taken to be called ERIC instead of the builder.

This musical comedy is suitable for a small cast of around 10 people and is perfect for performing in schools and using in workshops. Whether it is being performed by adults or children, this opera is adaptable to suit and only requires a small amount of scenery. If being used in a workshop, different stations can be set up to focus on the different elements which make up the performance. This includes setting up stations to practise some of the songs, acting out some of the scenes and even a crafts station to create animal masks to represent the different animals boarding the Ark.

Previous productions of this opera have been held in India in 2018 where a small cast performed ERIC the Ark.

The accompaniment is for keyboard, bass and drums, but backing tracks are available for hire as well as the vocal score which is available to buy. Please get in touch to find out more or find details below for the purchase of the vocal score.

Vocal Score: Eric the Ark Vocal Score
Libretto: Eric the Ark – Libretto