Hansel, Gretel and the Enchanted Forest is a modern interpretation of the famous Grimm Brother’s fairytale performed in Opera format. The purpose of this new interpretation is designed to help encourage young people to appreciate the genre of Opera, specifically as the combination of the illustrated book along with the backing track can enable children to read the story beforehand. This allows them to relate back to the book in the performance as they are able to recognise certain lines from the characters.

It is the perfect piece to be used by out-reach opera companies to perform, being suitable for a cast of 5 singers and performed to a fully orchestral backing track as well as the ability to be performed in any location.

The basic plot of the opera follows the actions of 5 characters; Hasel, Gretel, the father, the step-mum/witch and the Spirit of the Forest which is the children’s mother who has passed away. The step-mum and witch is performed by the same person. After the children’s mother dies, their father remarries a woman who turns out to be a gold-digger. Her continuous online purchases lead to money problems which the stepmother manages to twist the blame onto the children. The children choose to leave to avoid blame but get lost after their phone loses battery, leading to them running into the witch. The witch hires the children, only allowing them to leave if they ask to leave twice.

The performance time is 65 minutes and the plot is available in an illustrated children’s book format. Other assets also available for this opera include the Vocal Score and a full set of recorded backing tracks (full orchestral), which can be applied for.

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