Martin is a qualified teacher (PGCE) and has taught all levels of music from basic primary curriculum through GCSE to A level and BTEC National Diploma in both Music and Music Technology. He also teaches guitar (Classical, rock and folk), piano and organ and Music Theory to Grade 8.

He has taught at Yeovil College, Stanchester Academy, Ansford Academy, Lovington Primary School (General Curriculum music) and Grass Royal Junior School.

Advanced Theory Distance Learning Course
Leading to a Diploma in Music London College of Music

Many people around the world struggle to increase their theoretical knowledge of music beyond Grade 5 due to a lack of local, experienced tutors. This course is designed for all teachers and advanced students who wish to better their musical knowledge overcoming these geographical difficulties. The duration of the course is completely flexible depending on your time availability.

This course will take a students from the knowledge level of Grade 5 Theory to the Diploma in Music offered by the London College of Music, which, if you entered for and passed the examination would give you the right to use the letters DipMusLCM after your name. No specialist music software is required for the course but you will need access to e-mail and the internet. The course is only available in English.

The course consists of various modules which cover all the examination topics. Each Module contains explanations of the theoretical aspects of the topic, worked examples, video clips showing how to complete the work and exercises to practise your knowledge. The exercises are sent electronically for marking. There is also the opportunity for you to contact Martin by email or Skype for help and explanation where needed. The topics covered are:

  1. Basic theory knowledge of tonality, harmony, cadences and modulation.
  2. Completing a 4-part Chorale in the style of JS Bach
  3. 2-part counterpoint
  4. String Quartet
  5. Piano Accompaniment to a folk song
  6. Realisation of Complex Chords
  7. Interpretation
  8. Orchestral Score reading
  9. Short essay about your instrument.
Please contact me to discuss this course.